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Local businesses, do learn from Waltham Locksmiths. Thanks :-)! Quick time & date scheduling with a 2 hour slot. Crystal clear regarding assessment of work cost. Bob arrived on exactly at the scheduled slot and opened the door in around 20 minutes, way less than my expectation. The cost was precisely as told and absolutely sensible based on other quotes I got from locksmiths in Waltham for my 2007 Citroen C4 Hatchback. You can see that they really care about pleasing the customers. Super !!! (Billy Y., Street Waltham MA)
I needed an exterior door lock from ONMG on the front side door repaired. I contacted Waltham Locksmiths on a Thursday noon and they scheduled me to several hours later and arrived just when promised. They were licensed, friendly and highly decent. @ Maude F., Brandeis Waltham
We locked out of my Chevrolet TrailBlazer and started contacting locksmiths on Yelp.com. They all said a min four hour before they can arrive and I imagined myself waiting the better part of the day. I was transferred over to Waltham Locksmiths by other too busy locksmith and boom! Caleb was here on Lincoln St in just about 15 minutes. I was SO thankful for them - and they were cheaper than the competition too. Thanks again! @ Francis H. Waltham MA
We locked out of my 2003 Citroen C2 and began calling locksmiths on YP. They all had a minimum two hour wait and I imagined myself having to sit waiting the better part of the day. I was transferred over to Waltham Locksmiths by other locksmith and viola! They were at my location on Main Street in less than 20 minutes. I was so grateful to them - they were also cheaper than the competition as well. Double win. - Jeffry I. Waltham MA
Had a lockout of my 1998 Ford Probe near Street. Louie from Waltham Locksmiths was out in just about 35 minutes. Very quick and extremely cheap price. Excellent job! (Bishop R. Waltham MA )